Sunday, September 20, 2009


CapTionisT: a rebel?
CapTionisT: i mean
CapTionisT: i dont go with the trends
CapTionisT: no tats
CapTionisT: no piercings
leu: lol
CapTionisT: no dreads
leu: i'm a rebel
CapTionisT: no haircut
leu: i'll fuck ya daughter
leu: lmao
CapTionisT: O_O
CapTionisT: how did u know
CapTionisT: DAMMIT!
leu: LOL!
CapTionisT: shhh
CapTionisT: this stays in this box
leu: i just told Syd though
leu: awww
CapTionisT: i square..i'll fuck ya.....pain meds
CapTionisT: <_<
CapTionisT: liquid gel on my penis
CapTionisT: LMFAOO
leu: ?
leu: ....
leu: ivan penis is ewie
CapTionisT: any penis but urs should be ewie to u
leu: i'll go semi gay for brad pit?
CapTionisT: understandable
CapTionisT: that inglorious basterd
CapTionisT: XD face
leu: he's so beautiful
CapTionisT: eyelash batting moment?
leu: fan girl moment
leu: followed by the
leu: "ahhhhh" <---- sigh
CapTionisT: ok this has gone on long enough
CapTionisT: i imagined too much
leu: lol
CapTionisT: well tickle my balls and tell me im in heaven...i've got apple sauce
CapTionisT: not really
leu: lol
CapTionisT: *eats applesauce*

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