Sunday, September 20, 2009


CapTionisT: a rebel?
CapTionisT: i mean
CapTionisT: i dont go with the trends
CapTionisT: no tats
CapTionisT: no piercings
leu: lol
CapTionisT: no dreads
leu: i'm a rebel
CapTionisT: no haircut
leu: i'll fuck ya daughter
leu: lmao
CapTionisT: O_O
CapTionisT: how did u know
CapTionisT: DAMMIT!
leu: LOL!
CapTionisT: shhh
CapTionisT: this stays in this box
leu: i just told Syd though
leu: awww
CapTionisT: i square..i'll fuck ya.....pain meds
CapTionisT: <_<
CapTionisT: liquid gel on my penis
CapTionisT: LMFAOO
leu: ?
leu: ....
leu: ivan penis is ewie
CapTionisT: any penis but urs should be ewie to u
leu: i'll go semi gay for brad pit?
CapTionisT: understandable
CapTionisT: that inglorious basterd
CapTionisT: XD face
leu: he's so beautiful
CapTionisT: eyelash batting moment?
leu: fan girl moment
leu: followed by the
leu: "ahhhhh" <---- sigh
CapTionisT: ok this has gone on long enough
CapTionisT: i imagined too much
leu: lol
CapTionisT: well tickle my balls and tell me im in heaven...i've got apple sauce
CapTionisT: not really
leu: lol
CapTionisT: *eats applesauce*

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Can't Help It...

leu: stop spanking yo monkey
Mr. XD face: never
Mr. XD face: my monkey likes the spanking i give
Mr. XD face: it makes him go splode in the ... tme of day i ... spank him
Mr. XD face: >_leu: LMAO!

~Mr. XD face

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Man its been a while um anyways i'm working on a lot of side projects but you can expect me to keep making those vids.... uh i guess thats it

(Leu) PEW TOO! >_<

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just Sayin

The weirdest things happen to me, Mr. XD face. On the day of Micheal Jackson's and Farrah Fawcett's deaths i was talking to my mom about what would happen if Billy Mays died. On Sunday he turned up dead and I feel kinda bad...

even cybering wouldn't solve this mystery

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Dies...

Michael Jackson has died of a cardiac arrest aged 50. He was rushed to hospital after being found unconscious in his rented Hollywood home.

this make all of us music lovers sad

especially the one's who've grown up to his music


It was a dark day for music lovers all over



we're going to be doing a contest of some sort

and the winner of it will get a 1 month subscription to xbox live gold

and get a chance to game with me (Leu)

if you're looking for me on xbox live my gamertag is MasharuLeu

"I have found the residence of awesomeness and its in my pants"


New vid?

so seeing how stuff happens i don't have a set schedule to when i'll be doing vids

i'll be doing my WTF! segment at least once a week

and my Random rant every other week (maybe)

and i'll be doing random bits here and there and under there?

underwear? EXACTLY!

anyways thats all


"I have found the residence of awesomeness and it's in my pants"


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